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Rwandan Genocide Essays

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Rwandan Genocide Essay - 24/25 User Description: Evaluate the success of the criminal and civil processes (international and domestic) in bringing to justice the people responsible for the Rwandan genocide.

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The Rwandan genocide resulted in overdeaths of the Tutsi people, at the hands of the Hutu; the genocide, and the international response to it, is a lesson about the humanitarian responsibilities, successes, and shortcomings of the United Nations.

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The topic for a human rights extended essay should focus on a particular human rights issue or a practice of a particular agent, be it a government, individual or organization, linking this issue or practice to relevant theories of human rights.

An extended response on genocide in the topic of human rights. Received 8/10 in the exam for it. This is an Essay / Project. Similar Documents to Genocide Extended Response - Human Rights - Legal Studies.

Rwandan Genocide Essays

6 Pages. Human Rights Research Task [Contemporary Issue: Genocide]. IBDP coordinator) a disc of 50 recommended examples of extended essays. 50 Excellent Extended Essays Colonialism and the Rwandan Genocide in This essay provides a critical investigation of media coverage on football.

Extended essay on rwandan genocide
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