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College Buzz, the Magazine About College, with tips, true stories about getting into college and unique articles about boosting your college admission chances at the best college for you.

Inside college info on housing, finances, Greek life, and time and stress management. Ready to laugh at someone else’s embarrassing moments?

Love those crazy dorm stories?

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The dorm stories this week will keep you giggling and begging for more. Joseph C. Cappelleri Ph.D. ’91 credits Cornell, CHE for framework for meaningful life. Real College Stories. 38 likes. Education. See more of Real College Stories on Facebook. How I discovered my natural dominance over most people.

Prologue~ The Feast of Fatus Majorus~ Neophytes are Summoned. A ride back to the dorm after party. Animal attraction. The group gets wild. Young sorority pledge wins fraternity approval the hard way. and other exciting erotic at!

Kelly Knutson ’15, who is now based in Troy, N.Y., is a field organizer for the National Audubon Society. You would likely catch him wearing a flannel shirt, coffee in hand, advocating for renewable energy or foraging for mushrooms.

College stories
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